Film showing on Maternal and Child Health

Sponsored by Pinay In Action (PIA) and Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity

A. Sa Direksyon ni Makoy: Da Final Cut (QEFF2 Jury’s Pick for Best Short Film)
Director: Genevieve Caberte
“Sa Direksyon ni Makoy: The Final Cut” tells the story of the 6 final days of Makoy, a recently orphaned child who is suffering from HIV obtained from his mother. Makoy goes through facets of his life in the market, and in the church and searches for meaning in his life.

B. Badong Buntis

C. Ang Ina (QEFF2 Jury’s Pick for Best Documentary)
Director: Mr. Donnie Sacueza

“Ang Ina” relates two facets of maternal health: child health and single motherhood. The glimpse into maternal and child care takes into consideration that there are social, political, economic, cultural and environmental factors that serve as barriers to raising healthy, positive children. Then, the story focuses on the trials of motherhood – single parenting.

D. Tinalikdan
Director: Edgar Baltazar

Set against the dark, poverty-ridden streets of Manila, the story follows two women, both worn and weathered by time and circumstance, as their stories intertwine in a compelling drama about life, morality, and the search for a better tomorrow.

E. Limang Libo (QEFF2 Grand Prize Winner)
Director: Aiza Jane Idanan

This film focuses on the plight of midwives due to poverty. Susan, a midwife and Manuel, a scavenger of dumpsites, are two people who live separate lives who eventually cross paths due to an unfortunate incident involving Manuel’s pregnant wife. During this particular emergency, both eventually are forced to act against their instincts to eventually lead to saving or taking a life.

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