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Our Story

Pinay in Action Mission

Pinay In Action was created primarily to uplift the lives of the Filipina. Our aim is to empower women and girls in our country by providing venues for a healthier lifestyle and tools and information for a better future.

Our main activities include all-women sports events, fitness clinics, inspirational talks and seminars on women’s health, anti-violence against women, breastfeeding.

Pinay in Action Woman

The Pinay In Action Woman embraces her individuality and recognizes her contributions to society, big or small. She can be a sister, a mother, a wife, a career woman. She is possesses intelligence, beauty, grace, courage and strength.

We believe that the Pinay In Action spirit is present in every woman, so we strive to encourage Pinays of all ages and from all walks of life to participate in our events and help them sustain an active and happy way of life.

Our logo symbolizes the dynamic attributes of our program. The running figure of a woman honors the fact that Pinay In Action started with an all-women’s run race which blossomed into what it is now. It is constantly moving, as we are continuously evolving. Pink, aside from being a common favourite of women, also symbolizes love, compassion and sisterhood.

Our Advocacies

Women’s Health, Inspirational and Career Talks, Seminars on Breastfeeding, Anti-Violence Against Women and Children, Run Races and Fitness Clinics

Cayetano Foundation

Pinay In Action is a program for women empowerment initiated by the Compañero Rene Cayetano Foundation, a non-stock, non-profit organization established to promote the late Senator Rene Cayetano’s advocacies on education, health, sports and youth development, and the environment.

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